About Tranquility
About Tranquility
We are an accredited private training academy, our aims are to promote spirituality and morals through theoretical and practical education.

Our tutors and staff encourage a humanistic approach in education and we take on learners who show that they have a passion to explore their own potential. We welcome anyone who wants to learn.

The beauty industry if fast moving and rapidly growing, so be part of something beautiful which is rewarding for you and people you offer your services to.

These courses are aimed at learners who wish to learn on a short term basis, preparing you for work and making you knowledgable of the skills required to be successful in business.

Our classes are no bigger than 6 people which means each learner can be catered to and focused on individually.

We strongly believe that everyone should be taught to a high standard and courses are taught in English and British Sign Language (BSL) open to deaf learners too.

Our accredited courses mean they are fully insurable which mean you may work within the industry efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves in our work and promise to provide acquired assistance to each individual helping you to get started within the chosen industry.

Our learners range from complete beginners to experienced therapists who would like to carry out refresher courses.
Courses can be in English, Hindi, Gujarati and British Sign language.
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