Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and Physiology
This 2 day intensive A and P course will allow you to get on to massage courses as well as carry out treatments correctly and safely. This certified course will train you to comprehend the body functions, bones and muscles. A multiple choice written exam paper is also set on day 2.

Full support from your lecturer is given throughout the course to assess you and prepare you for your exam.
Course Content
Skeletal system
Muscular system
Nervous system
Circulatory system
Endocrine System
Respiratory and Olfactory system
Digestive and Excretory System
Reproductive System
Cell and Tissue Structure
Cardiovascular and Lymphatic system

Duration: 2 days (10am-4pm)
Course Fees: £399 inc. exam
Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage
This course is ideal for those who have gained their Anatomy and Physiology qualification. Holistic massage refers to Swedish massage techniques using medium to firm pressure.

This intensive course will take you through the benefits of massage using different strokes.

Massage is an everyday used method to relieve stain and reduce stress, by learning the how to use these skills you will increase salon profits as well as become a grounded therapist increasing awareness through energy and touch. By the end of this course you will be able to work as a qualified practioner.
Course Content
Recap of anatomy and physiology
History of massage
Understanding benefits of massage
Hygiene, health and safety
Techniques used in massage
Practical work ; giving and receiving massage
Understanding human energy
Professional etiquette

Duration: 1 day (10am-6pm)
Course Fee: £249 TRAINING ONLY
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage takes massage therapy to a deeper level, aiding relaxation and tranquility beyond the natural state. It is an extremely sought for skill and remedy to the mind and body.

This therapeutic treatment encourages relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage is assisted to remove toxins and strenthen the immune system and warmth from the stones releases a calming effect on the recipient.

Using hot and cold stones on the course, you will learn how to use this method in addition to your services.

Student requirements: you must hold an Anatomy and Physiology certifcate and Swedish/Holisitic massage knowledge.
Course Content
Hygiene, health and safety
History of hot and cold stones and stone therapy
Products and equipment
Consultation technique
Contra-indications to treatment
Meridian energy and Aura theory
Energising and care of stones
Practical work and corrective technique
Client aftercare
Insurance and legal requirements

Duration: 1 day (10am-6pm)
Course Fees: £180 TRAINING ONLY
Kit Purchase (Optional) £150
50 piece hot stone kit
10 cold stone
Special hot stone kit heater
Eastern Facial Massage
Eastern Facial Massage
Eastern Facial Massage is the face lifting treatment without the injections. This is a relaxing and muscle toning treatment for men and women.

It is a blend of Indian and Japanese ancient techniques that have used for that natural ’lift’.

You will learn the history of this ancient art and how to beautifully incorporate it with your treatments or as a boosting face pampering session alone.

This accredited Diploma course will involve working with peers to practise on and have the treatment carried out on yourself to understand the full benefits of this face lifting natural treatment.
Course Content
Hygiene, health and safety
History of Eastern Facial Massage
Products and equipment required
Consultation procedures
Contra indications to treatment
Intricate Indian head and Japanese massage techniques
Massage sequence
Practical work and corrective technique
Client aftercare  

Duration: 1 day (10-4pm)
Continual Professional Development Points: 12
Course Fees: £149 TRAINING ONLY
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